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In January 2004, the Department of Education will implement a reengineering plan for ERIC. The new ERIC mission continues the core function of providing a centralized bibliographic database of journal articles and other published and unpublished education materials. It enhances the database by adding free full text and electronic links to commercial sources and by making it easy to use and up to date.


From January 2004 until the new ERIC model for acquiring education literature is developed later in 2004, no new materials will be received and accepted for the database. However, the ERIC database will continue to grow, as thousands of documents selected by the ERIC clearinghouses throughout 2003 will be added. When the new model is ready later in 2004, the new ERIC contractor will communicate with publishers, education organizations, and other database contributors to add publications and materials released from January 2004 forward.


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Technology Planning

AskERIC Responses | Internet Sites | Online Communities | ERIC Resources

AskERIC Responses:

* Do you have guidelines for classroom design with computers?
http://www.askeric.org/cgi-bin/printresponses.cgi/Virtual/Qa/archives/ Educational_Technology/Technology_Planning/techplan.html

Internet Sites:

* Technology in Schools: Suggestions, Tools and Guidelines for Assessing Technology in Elementary and Secondary Education
"Directed toward state and local education agencies, it describes how to measure technology use by examining planning and policies; finance; equipment and infrastructure; technology applications; maintenance and support; professional development; and technology integration."

* National Center for Technology Planning
Comprehensive resources for planning technology implementation from K-12 to higher ed. Includes information on developing tech plans, updating plans, a collection of sample technology plans, much more.

* Building the 21st Century School
This Web site, created by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, is a tool to help schools design their complete technology infrastructure (facilities, wiring, equipment, etc.) through a systems engineering design process.

* Technology Planning Toolkit
The toolkit provides rubrics, checklists, and other guides for planning technology implementation. Where appropriate, links are provided to other sites that offer models of best practice, example plans, and additional tools and resources to support a more informed technology planning program.

* An Educator's Guide to Evaluating the Use of Technology in Schools & Classrooms
This 100-page handbook is designed for individuals who have little or no formal training in research or evaluation.  It is organized around these key questions: Why am I evaluating?  What is an evaluation anyway?  Where do I start?  What questions should I ask?  What information do I need to collect?  What's the best way to collect my information?  What are my conclusions?  How do I communicate my results? It provides examples of technology surveys & needs assessments (including from the Technology Literacy Challenge Fund) that can be used or modified for district administrators,  teachers, & students.

* Learning Through Technology: A Planning and Implementation Guide
Guidelines for technology implementation in schools.  Sections include: Perspectives about Education, Planning to Plan,  Building a Knowledge Base, Establishing General Directions, Implementing Priorities and Strategies,  Evaluating Progress, and Institutionalizing.

* Helping Schools Make Technology Work: Managing Information Technology From Classrooms to Lunchrooms
Ten suggestions to help decision makers plan for and implement technology in their districts. Provided by Carole Keeton Rylander, Texas State Comptroller.

* The Institute for the Transfer of Technology to Education

* Education Leadership Toolkit
This toolkit is a collection of tips and pointers, articles, case studies and other resources for education leaders addressing issues around technology and education. A project of the National School Boards Foundation implemented by NSBA's Institute for the Transfer of Technology to Education with a grant from the National Science Foundation.

* Technology at Your Fingertips: A Guide to Implementing Technology Solutions for Education Agencies & Institutions
This US Department of Education document tells how to:  Define your needs & technical requirements;  Develop a "needs assessment";  Determine what resources you have & what resources  you will need;  Implement, support, & maintain your technology solution;  Provide effective training, and more.

* Safeguarding Your Technology: Practical Guidelines for Electronic Education Information Security
From the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).  This publication explains the need for developing a customized and comprehensive electronic security policy and offers guidance to educational administrators in devising and implementing one. Covers topics including risk assessment; development and implementation of security policy; physical, software, information, and user access security; and staff training.

* The District Administrator's Guide to Planning for Technology
This guide takes a process improvement approach to assist district staff in reviewing their goals and determining if and how network technology can be used to achieve them.  It also examines some of the most common network tools and how they can be used to facilitate processes.

Online Communities:

Discussion of educational technology issues.
To subscribe, address an e-mail message to:  listserv@h-net.msu.edu
In the message body type:  subscribe edtech Your First and Last Name
Archives:  http://askeric.org/Virtual/Listserv_Archives/EDTECH.html
Archives:  http://www.h-net.msu.edu/~edweb

ERIC Resources:

* ERIC Digest - Successful K-12 Technology Planning: Ten Essential Elements (2001)

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