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All ERIC Clearinghouses plus AskERIC will be closed permanently as of December 31, 2003.


In January 2004, the Department of Education will implement a reengineering plan for ERIC. The new ERIC mission continues the core function of providing a centralized bibliographic database of journal articles and other published and unpublished education materials. It enhances the database by adding free full text and electronic links to commercial sources and by making it easy to use and up to date.


From January 2004 until the new ERIC model for acquiring education literature is developed later in 2004, no new materials will be received and accepted for the database. However, the ERIC database will continue to grow, as thousands of documents selected by the ERIC clearinghouses throughout 2003 will be added. When the new model is ready later in 2004, the new ERIC contractor will communicate with publishers, education organizations, and other database contributors to add publications and materials released from January 2004 forward.


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GEM Featured in National Publication Again

The lead story of the November/December 2001 issue of MultiMedia Schools features “A GEM of a Resource: The Gateway to Educational Materials,” by Marilyn Tickner with Nancy Barkhouse. A special project of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Information & Technology sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, the Gateway to Educational Materials--or GEM--harnesses the powers of the Internet for educators. GEM provides educators with what they need: easy, fast, and free access to lesson plans, curriculum units, and other educational materials on the Internet.

To read the article and learn how GEM works and why teachers across the nation use and benefit from GEM, click here. MultiMedia Schools, a practical journal of technology for education, explores issues associated with using electronic information resources in K-12 schools, from the Internet, online and multimedia databases, and CD-ROM technology to computer hardware and software.

Just a sampling of publications and sites that give GEM high accolades include:

    MERLOT Teacher Education Web site, designed primarily for faculty in higher education, featured GEM as a learning object of the week on its home page, summer 2001.

    Technology & Learning lists GEM first in the “Web Sightings” column: “Here’s your ‘one stop shopping’ for high quality educational resources!” (October 2001). To read article, click here.

    The United Federation of Teachers’ publication, New York Teacher, features GEM in the Web Corner column: “The federal Education Department …sponsors another education resource that really sparkles… Last year the site averaged more than 30,000 user sessions per week. That’s impressive and is one indicator that GEM meets the needs of the education community. This is a must try site for new teachers and a great resource for the rest of us” (October 24, 2001). To read article, click here.

    School Library Journal: Gail Junion-Metz highlights GEM as one of the best sites for creative, high-quality lesson plans in “The Librarian’s Internet” (October 2000).

New Annual Publication: ERIC/IT Web Links

Web Links, now published annually by the ERIC Clearinghouse on Information & Technology, includes some of the best educational resources available on-line.

Web Links 2001/2002: Internet Resources for Children (PDF Version)
Describing over 50 of the best educational resources available on-line for children in grades K-8, this is a terrific resource for children and their parents, teachers, and librarians to bookmark or pin up and use at home, in classrooms, and in school and public libraries. Updated for the 2001-2002 school year from our popular ERIC Digests published in previous years, categories include art, current events, health, history, literature, math, reference, science, and more.

Look for a new Web Links publication from ERIC/IT at the start of each new school year! The 2002/2003 publication will be expanded to include internet resources for grades 9-12 and resources for library media specialists and children’s librarians.

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